Writing is my passion. I choose freelance assignments I care about and I write about people who make the world a better place by the way they live in it.

hatprofile-authorI am an ambassador for children and am inspired to write for them. I’m also a reading specialist and tutor younger people with dyslexia and sensory integration issues. My goal is to write stories that move my readers and with characters they care about.

I fell in love with children’s books as a child and have rekindled that love as a parent and teacher. I began studying children’s literature in college at UCLA with my first “kiddy lit” course, and continued with multicultural study of children’s literature while getting my Masters in Teaching from Occidental College. Later, I returned to UCLA extension for a course in picture book writing and have attended numerous Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators Conferences, Workshops,  Retreats to develop my craft. I work with my critique group, The Tiaras, to keep that fire burning.

I live in a small town in Northern California. My favorite things are my husband, our two kids, and our lab who sits by my feet while I write–and while I eat. Said eating, while drafting my first novel, helped me put on 85 extra pounds. I got rid of that weight in 6 months with the help of a health coach and decided I needed to help other people do that, too. Over the past year, I’ve helped more than 50 people drop over 2,000 pounds and turn their health around. I’m proud of that.

So now, I’m a writer, a teacher/tutor, a health coach and…an aspiring drummer with the grand vision to start a band. What should I call it?