True Words

mug shotAnne Lamott said something like if people didn’t want to end up being made into bad characters in her books, they should have behaved better. I always thought that was kind of funny, not that I’d ever use pen as sword.

But recently I was talking with a writer friend and realized I’d totally done it subconsciously. I’d killed off this person (and not in a very nice way, I might add) that had definitely annoyed me. I felt bad. What struck me most was that I totally missed it.

That’s just part of the fun of fiction, I guess. How often do you read a book and wonder if the author knows what she is revealing about herself by being quite possibly unaware of that. Writers are brave people that way. They know that they reveal their truest essence in ways they may not see, yet they do it anyway.

This is true even in non-fiction. I’m working on a couple non-fiction projects and am noticing that staying neutral is a challenge. I wouldn’t have thought that. Fact is fact. Yet, we all have a filter of some sort and even interpreting fact moves through it. Movie critics are probably the best example of this. Their reviews feel very much apart of their core personality to me.

There’s only one answer. Be nice to the writers.

6 thoughts on “True Words

  1. My Songwriter’s Corollary to this: “But PLEASE, share your troubles, your trials, your heartaches and triumphs, because this is the stuff songs are made of. Don’t worry – no one will know it’s about you. :)”

    • Ooooh, I love that, Erin. I can almost hear you singing through my screen. Hey, I got an idea. You could scratch out a little ditty and sing it at next year’s fundraiser! Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Yes, be nice to writers! And we should be nice to each other, too. So far I feel I’ve lucked out by having only positive relationships with other writers; I hear this isn’t always the case. Also, unrelated, I just heard that Anne Lamott is doing a class at Book Passage in June. I wish I could go!

    • Oh, wouldn’t that be awesome! She’s hysterical. That alone would be worth it! Miss your blogs! Are you not writing them or am I not getting them?

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