Wednesday Writes #1

6236_337288503037165_1518858661_nA quick study of the dates since my last dip into the vortex of word fun tells the tale.

Theme #1: This girl needs some writing Metamucil. Or some word juicing. Something to get her moving the keys more regularly.

Theme #2: She likes to write about conferences. Not so much about writing. Or anything else. Just conferences.

There is some truth to both these themes, but as with all things, there’s more when you dig deeper. So I’ve dug, and have uncovered this truth: no time like the almost-end-of-the-world (I know–so 2012) to turn over a more regular leaf. And this is a good thing. Perhaps it will eliminate cliches about foliage from my writing.

What really spurred me on was my commitment to my health coaching clients and to my personal health. I set a goal to write daily through the 2012  holidays and completed that recently. Heck, doing anything every day during the holidays besides wrapping presents is a challenge. Celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas (we like to be safe) makes December a full-time job at my house so just getting through on a regular year is iffy. This year I had an additional four trips to weave through that tapestry.

Still, by keeping this commitment, I realized the value of daily writing outside my normal  writing. I fell back in love with that which had become trudgery. (Don’t go looking it up. the Merriams haven’t learned the word yet, but once they stop being trudgerous, they will.)

I reignited with that part of me that got so excited when I saw my first poem, “Red,” published in the Redding Record Searchlight back in 1971 or so. (Oh, to find that piece of work sent in by my first grade teacher, Mrs. Pope.) I’ve always felt I was put on this planet to write, and when I do it regularly, I’m reminded of that.

Balance is key, though, and I’m working on many projects. I need to organize my time. Here’s what I’ve come up with.

Look for thoughts on writing each Wednesday. If you’re into healthy living, you can find me Mondays here  ( They go together in my mind since I gained 85 pounds drafting my first novel (too many peanut butter M&Ms–you’ve been warned) and I had to learn how to draft novels without that crutch, a secret of the universe I like to call decaf tea.

I hope you’ll join me through the process, the trudgerous and glorious roller coaster we call writing.

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Writes #1

  1. Congrats on renewing your commitment here! I look forward to your thoughts each week. So weird, J, ’cause I just launched a feature on my blog called “Friday Freewrite.” I guess the Tiaras serendipity continues! Mine’s sort of a reprisal of “The Spontaneous Pen” that I did for Writers Forum, where I give a jump line and writers (myself included) respond. Care to join? I hope you will, although I think I remember you saying the “jump line” thing isn’t your “cup of tea,” or your “cup of Keurig coffee” if you’re at my house, where I’m drinking so many I may never sleep again. Aaack! XO

    • Oh, dear, this sounds serious (the Keurig coffee, thing.) Do we need to stage an Intervention? Where’s Dr. Drew when you need him? As far as Tiara Serendipity, we only need to look at how Darbie wrote the hospital scene before it happened and about 100 other examples–color me not surprised by your FF! As for playing the game, I am but your humble servant–sign me up. (After all, you have all my passwords;) And thanks for Mazel on my renewal. I appreciate the encouragement you bring into my world. xo

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