One Writer’s Place: Day 3

So I hit the send button yesterday inadvertently. My mission was to get photos, add them, take out the line about my camera (though I did want to give a shout out to the nice camera man), but “send” was what went out. Best laid plans.

Here’s the beach of which I wrote. It’s one of those places that’s hard to capture on film it turns out. It lies west facing in a bay which I think is where the grass thing comes from. There are lots of paths like this one.

It’s a very quiet, meditative place and I really wanted to sit right where this seagull was sitting, but he looked so content I couldn’t chase him off.

So instead I went and picked up potentially the best Chinese take out food I’ve ever eaten in my life at this little hole in the wall place that somebody told me about when I was waiting in the amusement-park length line at CVS for my antibiotics (to cure the ear infection I hope to not take on the plane.) There, I found my new mantra for my book.

And I came back to the cottage to do just that.

2 thoughts on “One Writer’s Place: Day 3

  1. Jealousy! Jealousy! Except for the ear infection thing…still? Write, write, think, write! Write more. And read, too. And don't do dishes or anything mundane.Smiles!

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