Happy "Poem in Your Pocket" Day

In honor of the last day of National Poetry Month and in recognition of “Poem in Your Pocket Day,” poetry from me to you.

(Just in case it’s not obvious, all are original works by yours truly…but I think it will be obvious.)

Grub Revisited

I know a dog named Ms. Bay
Who ate all things left in her way
When she swallowed a grub
Her tummy we did rub
And it turned out at the end of the day.

Weak limerick; true story.

* * *

There once was a blogger named Jake
Who blogged just for bloggin’s sake
Then long came the Twitter
And he didn’t get bitter
140 letters gave him a break.

Okay, you try it. I dare you.

* * *

…a Haiku for you?
Bright red seedy skin
Silky flesh sweetness within
Summer strawberry.

Guess what I’m eating again.

* * *
…free verse?

Life Recipe


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